As the very proud Principal of our public school with a well-respected history of providing education with the associated outcomes and opportunities for our young children under very difficult circumstances, I warmly welcome you to the website of Hlabangane Primary School.

We offer an education aligned to the South African national curriculum, whose statement can be viewed .

Our plight is one of shortage and scarcity in a world of abundance.  We lack basic infrastructure that’s taken for granted in other schools, such as electricity, desks, chairs and stationery.  The buildings are dilapidated due to the lack of resources to maintain them.  Needless to say, sporting and cultural facilities are non-existent.  Our learners use the veld (open natural area) for toilets, there is no running water, leading to hygiene issues.  Our kids go for days without a proper meal due to an insecure food supply.

We want our learners to carry the trait of resilience throughout their lives, and we are teaching this lesson..

Our dream is to reach a point where basic human rights are achieved at our school; where food, running water, electricity, sanitation and a holistic education is the norm.

It is our plea that sponsors come to our aid in assisting us to provide these basic human rights to our learners. Prospective sponsors may click here for details about Hlabangane Primary School sponsorship requirements. I wish all our learners, teachers and parents a productive and successful school year!  My door is always open.